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Arrested Development Season 5 is happening (eventually)

Arrested Development fans will be thrilled to know that a fifth season will, in fact, happen. Don’t get too excited yet, though. Other than knowing that Arrested Development Season 5 is inevitable, no other details have been announced and production possibilities are still entirely up in the air due to the cast’s schedule.

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Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, spoke with USA Today and said the filming and release of Arrested Development Season 5 is “just a matter of when.” Sarandos said he was “positive” another season was on the table, it was just a matter of working out scheduling conflicts.

Arrested Development fans may remember similar issues with Season 4. Due to the actors’ busy schedules, showrunners were forced to alter their style to accommodate everyone. Most of the season followed each of the Bluths in separate adventures, showing very little onscreen collaboration. And of the times when multiple actors were on the screen together, many of the scenes were actually shot individually in front of a green screen and the two actors’ scenes were cut together. Sadly, many fans disliked the new story-telling procedures and were disheartened by how little the family appeared onscreen together.

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It sounds like Sarandos is on your side, though. He admitted the claims were “fair criticism.” It sounds like Netflix, the showrunners and the cast are doing their best to make it up to fans, too. The wait may be long, but we’re sure they’re doing everything possible to reunite more of the cast for Season 5 production in order to bring fans the true “family” experience they missed.

Can you make the wait? If you lasted the seven years between Season 3 and Season 4, we think you can make it a little longer for Arrested Development Season 5. Grab a frozen banana and calm down.

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