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Ludacris ditches daughter with Delta Airlines

Ludacris has plenty of money in the bank, so the news that he left his daughter at the airport over $100 may come as a bit of a surprise.

The “Act A Fool” hit-maker was traveling with his 13-year-old daughter, Karma, from Los Angeles, California, to Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday. Karma was then supposed to catch her connecting flight to New York on her own, but her dad left her alone at the aiport when the flight was delayed.

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The layover was meant to be just over an hour, but it ended up being stretched to four hours, and that’s when the Fast & Furious 6 actor decided to ditch his daughter in the first class lounge and go on to do his daily activities.

However, even after waiting for her layover, Karma was then unable to board her Delta Airlines flight, because the airline does not permit minors under the age of 15 to fly without an adult. The situation could have been solved, however, because, according to TMZ, Delta Airlines called the rapper and offered to provide adult supervision for his teenage daughter if he payed $100.

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Ludacris refused to pay and fetched his daughter from the airport. So, why didn’t he just fork out the $100? Apparently, his rep revealed to TMZ that when he booked his daughter’s first-class ticket, he was told that an adult only needed to be present at the airport when she arrived. And, apparently, her mother had planned to be there.

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However, it seems that the story has a happy ending, because according to the site, a source close to the rapper revealed that he paid the $100 after all and put his daughter on the next available flight, with a first class seat.

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