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President Obama “covers” Iggy Azalea, joins the murda bizness (VIDEO)

You know who’s a bad b****? President Obama. For proof, just check out the new video of him “covering” Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.” OK, OK. So, maybe he’s not really singing the song. But it’s still the best thing we’ve seen all week.

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When it comes to awesome moments in pop culture this week, Chris Pratt stumbling through “Forgot About Dre” has nothing on the latest video from YouTube user, BarackDubs. These super-cut geniuses enjoy nothing more than making sure our president keeps his street cred and they do so by splicing together clips from various speeches Obama has given in order to make him sing one of today’s hottest (or most funny) songs. From “Call Me Maybe” to “Timber” to the Pokemon theme (why?), our president has “sung” some real classics. This version of “Fancy,” though, might be our absolute favorite.

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What can we say? Our president is, without a doubt, the “realest.” Whether he’s truly in the “murda bizness” depends on your politics, of course. And whether you believe POTUS has done a decent job of commanding our country is really beside the point here. This is all about the awesome people who enjoy making President Mom Jeans look like he’s fly. For the record, BarackDubs: Mission accomplished. We just have one question: Is he really saying “b****”?

For more of Obama’s cool as hell “rapping” skills, check back with BarackDubs on Aug. 18 for their cut of “Problem” by Ariana Grande. For now, here’s another one of our favorite mash-ups.

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