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Chloë Grace Moretz opens up about rumored new boyfriend

Chloë Grace Moretz started new boyfriend rumors after the actress was spotted with Brooklyn Beckham on several gym dates.

During an interview with Company magazine, on which she covers the September issue, Moretz talked all about hanging out with Beckham. Not only has the pair been going to spin classes together, but the Kick-Ass star was also spotted skateboarding with David and Victoria Beckham’s son.

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“We SoulCycle at the same place, so we met a while ago and then just kinda started hanging out,” Moretz told the magazine of her supposed boyfriend.

While she did not confirm or deny a romantic relationship with Beckham, Moretz did talk loads about spending time with him and even detailed their skateboarding skills.

“He had a pretty small skateboard, and I had more of a long board,” the actress explained. “I think he’s a risk taker, like a typical guy, weaving in and out of people. I’m a ‘safety boarder’ — I don’t want to break any bones!”

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As for their cycling dates at the gym, a source told People magazine the cute couple has attended several classes together, while either one of Beckham’s parents looks on. “Brooklyn is always chaperoned by one of his parents,” the insider said.

“They cycle next to each other and are very cute. Always look to be cheering each other on with smiles,” the People source added. “They also both seem very competitive, but in a fun way.”

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Plus, luckily for Moretz, Beckham’s parents seem to approve of her, as they often talk with her before the pair begin their cycling lessons.

“Both David and Victoria must be OK with Chloë,” the source revealed, “because they will chat briefly with her and then leave them alone.”

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