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Step Up All In‘s Ryan Guzman tells us tons of details about the latest film

Step Up All In promises to bring the wildest dance finale of the entire franchise, according to the film’s star, Ryan Guzman. We sat down with the actor-turned-dancer to hear all about his exciting new moves.

Ryan Guzman is back for his second dance flick; this latest one is set in Las Vegas where the stakes are always high. We asked him what’s fresh and new in All In.

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“We’re bringing in a whole new rendition of Step Up. You know what to expect with the love story, but we have completely different dancing. We’re involving elements, we’re dressing up as characters, we have a laboratory scene that’s crazy. Each dance scene is meant to outdo the previous one.”

In the film, his character, Sean, and his crew audition for a reality show where the grand prize is a three-year dance contract. “We do this Frankenstein-inspired dance piece where all these dancers are lab experiments. It’s a really unique take on dance and definitely something no one’s ever seen before.”

He claims the All In finale is one of the “best dance numbers of all time. We include all the elements: earth, fire, water, air. It’s the biggest dance piece of all the Step Up movies.”

Despite the film being set in Las Vegas, Guzman said the primary shooting was done in Vancouver. “We only shot one week in Vegas and it was all work and no play for me. We were doing night shoots, so you’d wake up at 6 p.m., go to set at 7 p.m. and work the whole night, so I didn’t really have that much free time. Literally, the day we wrapped, I went to the set of Boy Next Door. It’s been a crazy couple of months.”

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With his awesome, fluid moves, it’s hard to believe that Guzman wasn’t a dancer prior to the Step Up films. “When I meet people, they always say, ‘Oh, you’re the dancer guy,’ and I tell them I was acting like I could dance, but thank you for the compliment.”

Guzman also says he has a very strong artistic side to him. “Whether it be drawing or painting. I just got into sculpting a week ago. I like finding different forms of expressing myself.”

He also enjoys writing. “I have two or three screenplays in the making right now. I started my own production company with my cousin in the hopes that, later on, I’ll have these projects ready to make.”

We asked him if dance could ever be more sensual than sex and he gave a very clear answer, “I definitely don’t think dance is more sensual than sex. If it is, then you’re doing something wrong.”

In terms of setting future goals, the one actress Guzman would love to work with is Meryl Streep. “I’m in awe of everything she’s done. I just want to be in the same room with her. I’ll play her son, or I’ll be a grip if I have to.”

Step Up All In opens in theaters today.

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