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VIDEO: Helen Mirren has some moves: Watch her twerk

Helen Mirren has some serious dance moves! The Oscar-winning star showed she can shake what her momma gave her during a twerking contest against self-proclaimed expert Michael Strahan.

The 69-year-old actress stopped by Live! With Kelly and Michael on Tuesday morning to promote her new movie The Hundred-Foot Journey, but the conversation soon took a different turn.

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Mirren showed off her twerking skills earlier this year during Harvard’s Hasty Pudding awards, but when asked by the Live! With Kelly and Michael hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about her dance moves, the English star revealed, “I’ve tried in my bedroom, in private, in front of the mirror, very unsuccessfully, so [it was] absolutely humiliating to have to do it in public in front of a whole load of people.”

She was also lucky she knew what twerking was when asked to do it earlier this year. “Thank god I knew what it was,” the actress confessed. “It would have been embarrassing and humiliating to say, ‘I’m sorry I don’t know, what is twerking?'”

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Ripa and Strahan then showed a clip of the The Queen star’s earlier twerking moves to their audience.

“I’ve got to say, as a twerking expert that was very, very good,” Strahan said of Mirren’s Harvard’s Hasty Pudding performance.

And Ripa wanted her to give the audience another performance because she suggested a twerk-off between the retired football player and Mirren. And because Mirren’s awesome, she agreed.

“It looks so wrong, but it feels so right,” Strahan declared.

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We’ve got to say, we, too, are impressed with Mirren’s moves, and she can surely give Miley Cyrus a run for her money!

Watch Helen Mirren’s full performance below.

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