George Clooney's man parts appeared on Roseanne

Aug 5, 2014 at 6:26 p.m. ET
Image: Mario Mitsis/

Thousands of women would do almost anything to see a photo of George Clooney naked, but it looks like all of America may have seen it — or, at least, part of it. Back before Clooney was the movie star he is today, he appeared on Roseanne as Jackie's boyfriend.

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There has long been a rumor that Clooney left a photo of his nether regions on the fridge on the set of Roseanne, but it has never been confirmed. But Roseanne Barr appeared on The Talk this week and she explained that the rumor is very much true.

"We would laugh at it all the time, and about the second day it disappeared," Barr said, according to Gawker. "I thought it would surface by now, but maybe they don't know it was George Clooney."

Clooney has denied the photo exists, but it has turned into somewhat of a legend. The rumor goes that John Goodman snapped the photo, which had Clooney's man part "disguised" by a pair of Groucho Marx glasses. And although Clooney won't confirm the photo ever existed, he has said that taking a similar photo is a personal favorite gag of his.

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The actor got his start decades ago, including with his role on Roseanne, but he is only looking to his future these days. Clooney and his fiancée, Amal Alamuddin, are planning their wedding, and the actor continues to be as busy as ever. He has three projects currently in production, including Tomorrowland, expected out in 2015.

See George Clooney (fully clothed) in his role on Roseanne.