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Lucy Hale recounts uncomfortable Fifty Shades audition

Lucy Hale is not Anastasia Steele, but the actress has at least admitted she did audition for the Fifty Shades of Grey role — and it was awkward.

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Hale covers Cosmo next month, and talked to the magazine about her audition.

“That audition was so uncomfortable! It’s exactly what you thought it would be: a big monologue but very, very sexual,” she said, according to E! News. “There were some things that I was so embarrassed to be reading out loud, but it’s one of those things where you have to commit wholeheartedly or you’re going to make a fool of yourself.”

The role ended up going to Dakota Johnson, and it sounds like Hale might be happy she won’t forever be known as Anastasia Steele. But she did admit that the role wouldn’t have been that different from her day job.

“[Pretty Little Liars] is about how we look, too. That’s terrifying sometimes because you’re breaking out or you feel gross and you still have to be in front of the camera,” Hale explained. “We’ll post pictures on Instagram and people will be like, ‘Y’all are so flawless.’ Little do they know it’s fake hair, fake eyelashes and a good filter. Little girls see that and think they have to be like that.”

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It also sounds like Hale’s family is breathing a sigh of relief for her not getting the Fifty Shades role, but the magazine is another story. The actress’s Cosmo cover is a little risqué — next to her photo are the words: “Best. Sex. Ever. #HellYeah!”
Hale Instagrammed a photo of a text conversation between her and her dad, and he wasn’t exactly pleased by the word placement.
Fifty Shades of Grey is scheduled to be out on Valentine’s Day, 2015.

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