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Abandoned Thai baby Gammy may get Australian citizenship

Baby Gammy, the infant said to be left behind with his surrogate mother after the biological parents found out he had Down syndrome, may be eligible to become an Australian citizen.

While details are sketchy about what really happened with baby Gammy, the child’s parents are now claiming they did not want to leave the baby behind. But the baby’s mother, Pattaramon Chanbua from Thailand, said the parents took Gammy’s healthy twin sister back home with them to Australia and left the sick boy with her.

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A report from Yahoo! News said that the parents were actually never told the baby had Down syndrome and they only knew about the heart condition. Apparently, they were also told that the boy would probably live for no more than a day.

“Gammy was very sick when he was born and the biological parents were told he would not survive and that he had a day, at best, to live and to say goodbye,” a friend of the parents told the Bunbury Mail.

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The baby is now 7 months old and is currently in the hospital fighting a critical lung infection. Gammy, who is also in need of further treatment and operations for a congenital heart condition, has sparked worldwide attention regarding the rules of international surrogacy.

The laws surrounding the case are “very, very murky,” Australia’s immigration minister, Scott Morrison said about Gammy’s situation.

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“We are taking a close look at what can be done here, but I wouldn’t want to raise any false hopes or expectations,” Morrison said. “We are dealing with something that has happened in another country’s jurisdiction.”

However, his office later said in a statement that the child could indeed be eligible for Australian citizenship, after all.

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