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Bachelor in Paradise: 6 Best moments from the premiere

Last night’s premiere of ABC’s new reality show Bachelor in Paradise promises lots of drama and lots of hookups.

The show sees all your favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants return for a second chance at love. But, as with anything in The Bachelor franchise, if only it were so easy. There’s going to be tons of drama along the way, if the premiere is any indication, and we’ll definitely be watching. Here are our favorite moments from night one.

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1. Michelle K’s awkward “maybe”

At the beginning of the episode, Chris Harrison makes a, sort of, joking comment asking the contestants if they’re single. Everyone laughs it off except Michelle K., who says, “Maybe,” and then continues to push it until Graham gets so uncomfortable he moves seats. Initially, it comes across as an awkward fail of a joke. But then she doesn’t make any attempt to interact with the guys the entire week, and once she leaves the show, she makes another sly comment that she may have already found love in paradise. The show has made it clear we’ll find out what the scoop is next week, but we’re thinking she probably found someone on the crew to buddy up to.

2. Lacy says she’s 80/40

Lacy really gives 120 percent in love! This comment definitely had us chuckling and concerned for Lacy’s math skills. The poor girl was torn between hotties Marcus and Robert. When answering where she stood on her decision with the two men, Lacy explained she’s 80/40. She ended up asking Robert on the date, and the two share a romantic evening together that seems to promise a budding romance.

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3. AshLee loses it for Graham

AshLee made it clear from the get-go: She came on Bachelor in Paradise to meet Graham. When the two do meet, she’s immediately even more smitten. The problem is a lot of girls are interested in Graham. So when Clare innocently asks Graham to accompany her on her one-on-one date, the tears begin for AshLee. She’s extremely upset. So much so that Clare forgoes the date with Graham and asks Robert out instead. Graham still ends up giving AshLee a rose at the end of the week, but he is sure to tell her that there were a lot of red flags after the way she handled the situation.

4. Sarah gets brave with Marcus

Sarah is probably the contestant we hope finds love the most. She is so sweet and shy, and we really liked her on Sean’s season of the show. When Sarah gets a date card, she really acts bravely, which is a big step for the girl. Not only does she ask out Marcus, but she also asks him for a kiss during the date. She gets both though sparks don’t seem to fly for the two. We hope there’s a guy coming to the island that will be perfect for her!

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5. Michelle Money goes for Marquel

If Sarah is the contestant we hope finds love the most, Michelle Money is a close second. The girl has seen her way around The Bachelor franchise. The only role she has yet to fill at this point is that of The Bachelorette. Still, no love for the lady. She and Marquel seemed to really hit it off during their date, but we can’t help but wonder if love could still be in the cards for Michelle and Graham. When the two talked when she first arrived, they both made mention to how “beautiful” their relationship was. Perhaps they’re not ready to let it go.

6. Marcus offers Lacy the rose

Despite the fact that Lacy chose Robert for her date, Marcus is not letting go. He’s going for what he wants and offers Lacy the rose at the rose ceremony before Robert has the chance. Lacy accepts Marcus’ rose, also a signal she’s game for getting to know him. Poor Marcus is still trying to recover from his heartbreak over Andi. But if recent news is any indication, he does just fine for himself on Bachelor in Paradise.

What was your favorite moment from the premiere? Will you keep watching the show?

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