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Taye Diggs drops it like it’s hot on the stripper pole

There is not a single woman alive who wouldn’t get excited by the thought of Taye Diggs pole dancing, and the actor decided he’d have some fun and show off his moves on Saturday.

The Private Practice actor spent his weekend on the golden stripper pole, and he decided to upload several hilarious and awesome Vines of himself practicing his stripper moves. And it’s definitely something you want to watch!

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While the club is dark, the hunk can still be made out as he shakes what his momma gave him while wearing a stylish black fedora and a striped vest that shows off his massive biceps.

Perhaps Diggs is proving to Magic Mike producers that he’s serious about wanting to be in the all-male stripper comedy-drama sequel Magic Mike XXL — a role he’s been rumored to be in the running for — and he’s certainly put his money in his mouth.

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Earlier this year, the star revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that he would do the movie “in a heartbeat,” and he’s already thought of a raunchy stripper name: Chocolate Thunder Down Under, he told Conan O’Brien just last month.

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Diggs would certainly make a welcome addition to the film. While we’re hoping he’ll be cast in the forthcoming film, for now you can ogle over his hotness in the new TNT crime drama Murder in the First — a cool show that follows the investigation and trial of a high-profile murder case.

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