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Kristin Chenoweth suffering from illness and unable to move

Kristin Chenoweth has revealed she is suffering from some serious health complications, and the star has reached out to fans for their support.

The petite beauty took to Twitter on Monday morning to inform her fans of her mystery illness, and then she posted again on Tuesday morning to update fans on her condition.

The actress informed them that she was unable to move following her return to Los Angeles, California, but that she was seeking treatment on Monday morning.

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However, at the time of her tweet, the Pushing Daisies actress did not elaborate on her condition, but she did take to Twitter this morning to give an update on her condition, saying she had undergone a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Chenoweth has spoken out about complications with her health. She previously told Women’s Running magazine that she suffers from asthma and Meniere’s disease, an inner ear disorder that can cause dizziness, problems with balance and vertigo.

The Emmy Award-winning star was also previously hospitalized after she had an accident on the set of The Good Wife back in 2012. The actress was hit by a piece of lighting equipment that collapsed because of a large gust of wind.

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However, Chenoweth’s tweets do hint at a somewhat more serious health scare this time around, and we’re hoping the actress’ results reveal good news. Our thoughts are with Chenoweth, and we, too, are sending her lots of good vibes.

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