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Switched at Birth review: Who’s ready to get their life back?

Daphne’s downward spiral continues, Kathryn’s book sends her on another adventure, Travis makes a big decision and Bay gets some life-changing news in “You Will Not Escape.”

Last week, I asked the question of what effect Daphne’s behavior this season might be having on the deaf community. I asked it because I was struggling a bit with it myself. I have a good friend with deaf parents and I was also exposed to ASL at a young age. Not that my experiences make me in any way, shape or form a member of the community, but I feel a little closer to it and perhaps a little protective of those in it.

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After watching this episode, I have to say that I think Daphne’s behavior, though not a great example for any young person, can only have a good effect on the deaf community. What she’s gone through and what she is doing now are things that any teen could go through and do. It proves that she is indeed just like any other kid in that she’s human and she can make mistakes.

And, boy, is she ever making mistakes. She kind of reminds me of one of those balls in an old pinball machine. She’s just bouncing all over the place. First it was cocaine, then it was vandalism and dating a guy apparently just for the shock factor. In this episode, she switched things up and had her pseudo boyfriend bring beer to the Ditch Day she helped organize so that she could get drunk and then try to make out with Travis, despite the fact that he has a girlfriend.

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In the end, after it was all over, I really thought Regina and Daphne would talk and have a heart-to-heart and all would be well, but that didn’t happen. Once again, it made me admire this show and how far they are taking this story line with Daphne. In the real world, people get mad and they don’t necessarily get over it super quick. I think Daphne is completely wrong about her mother and honestly, I think she knows that deep down. But right now she’s mad at the world and it’s obviously going to take more than a little talk for her to get past it. I think it’s probably going to take something big to snap her out of it and I’m still frightened by how bad it might get before that happens.

On a much lighter and brighter note, I was very happy that Bay’s story ended in a better place. I was so sad to see how scared she was — not that I blamed her — so it was a great relief to see her get good news from the doctor. I was glad that she encouraged Emmett to go to USC, but I also hope she finds her own path as well. She told the doctor she felt like she got her life back, so I want to see her maybe get back into her art.

Travis’ story made me smile as well in this episode, at least in the end. I hated seeing him give up on school with just a few weeks before graduation and I couldn’t believe that an adult would ask him to do that just for a job. Good on Travis for accepting Melody’s proposition.

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We have only two more episodes left until the season finale. I wonder where everyone will end up by then.

My favorite bits:

Emmett suggesting that his mom was staying up all night writing a sci-fi novel about robots. I’m with him — that would totally be awesome.

Daphne: “I hate water parks, they’re just germ soup.” — And I’ll never see a water park the same way again.

Daphne remarking that Mrs. Summer in English could suck it. Naughty, naughty.

Kathryn: “I’m so sorry this is such a boozy event.”
Regina: “Well, it is a bunch of writers.” — Real-life LOL at that.

Kathryn protesting that she put paper towels down before having sex with a guy on a train, as if that made it more sanitary or something.

Emmett running into Jennifer. Can we say “awkward?”

Kathryn and Regina pretending to be together so they could avoid the creeper. Classic.

Regina: “You know, I slept with Angelo the first day I met him. But then again, who didn’t?”

Daphne telling Regina she was allowed to laugh. I felt like I needed to hear that as well. I almost felt guilty for laughing at that joke, too.

What did you think of this episode of Switched at Birth? Where do you think Daphne is headed?

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