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Christina Hendricks dropped by agent for Mad Men role

Christina Hendricks, the voluptuous redhead best known for her role as Joan Harris on Mad Men, wouldn’t have had a role in the Emmy-nominated series if her agency had had their way.

Hendricks revealed during an interview with the U.K.’s Guardian that, before she accepted the role in 2007, her talent agency strongly recommended against it and they even dropped her because of it.

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Clearly, it’s said agency’s loss. They were convinced that the show wouldn’t make money, but how very wrong they were.

“They said, ‘It’s a period piece, it’s never going to go anywhere. We need you to make money and this isn’t going to make money,'” the actress recalled. “They ended up dropping me.”

The 39-year-old beauty was certain that she wanted the role, though, and despite the fact that the odds were against her, she went for it anyway and it’s changed her life.

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“I had been on several shows that were meant to be the big ones, that would go on forever, and they didn’t,” she confessed to the paper.

“So there was no sure bet,” she continued, “and I’d already taken a chance on them and I felt, why not do the one you’re in love with and take a chance on that?”

Hendricks is living proof that sometimes you should go against the advice of others and follow your dreams. So, having just wrapped up the final season of the hit AMC series, is Hendricks surprised by its success?

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“I guess I was surprised,” Hendricks confessed. “I watched what people responded to in Joan, and she’s so many things, but I think it’s her strength, resilience and confidence.”

And a little part of her character has even rubbed off on her own personality.

“I’ve got a little sass in me,” she jokes. “I probably tend to get my feelings hurt more. I tend to take things personally. But I can only take so much and then I jump back. I have strong survival skills.”

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