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Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One” proves he’s the male version of Adele (VIDEO)

Sam Smith is breaking our hearts, again, and this time he teamed up with Glee‘s Dianna Agron and The Mindy Project‘s Chris Messina for a little help. His new music video is all about a cheating lover and all we can say is, “How can you do that to Quinn, Danny?”

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There’s not much Messina could do to make us hate him. Except maybe break Agron’s heart. Granted, in real life this would be impossible since Messina is actually married to someone completely different. In the world of Sam Smith’s new song “I’m Not The Only One,” the two high-power stars are married, but Messina is hookin’ up with another girl. While Agron’s Glee alter ego would indeed burn the house down, Agron’s music video character only fantasizes about it and then takes a much different approach.
You may not realize it yet, but Smith is without a doubt our replacement Adele. Remember all those deep, dark feelings the soulful Brit babe was able to make well up inside us? Smith has taken over her job. His soulful, sorrowful voice can break the hearts of people who have never even experienced being cheated on. For those who have: he nails the sentiment perfectly. But, just like the lyrics say, he’s “not the only one.” Agron perfectly channels that sadness and heartbreak as she shuffles through the video, her Stepford-perfect smile turning down and her mascara melting away.

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The only feeling this video conjures more than hurt is the anger we feel at the look on Messina’s face in the beginning. Agron’s heart is breaking and the dude is smirking to himself in the mirror. As she pregames from a bottle while still at the liquor store, Messina laughs and carries on with his not-so-secret lover at a bar. Sure, those scenes get super-steamy and, OK, maybe we wouldn’t mind being that ginger he’s feeling up in the dark. But in the end, he’s still a cheater.

As the song ends and the video shows Agron, all put back together and greeting her hubby at the door, we kind of want to punch Messina… and then help burn down that house. And yet, we know exactly what she’s feeling and why she can’t seem to call him on the truth.

Thanks a lot, Sam Smith. You’ve kept us perfectly in touch with our sorrow and made us salty with Messina all in one fell swoop. Adele may be on her way back into the spotlight, but we’re pretty sure there’s room for you both.

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