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Orlando Bloom parties like a hero after Bieber brawl

Between his split with supermodel wife Miranda Kerr and all the recent Justin Bieber drama, Orlando Bloom’s 2014 hasn’t been the best year ever. But now it looks like the actor is ready to shake it all off, have a good time and feel no remorse for the haymaker he recently threw at the pop star everybody loves to hate.

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Though Kerr is reportedly embarrassed by the fighting between Bloom and Bieber, her ex feels quite differently about the situation. In fact, Bloom says he’s being lauded for taking a shot at The Biebs. “Everybody keeps telling me I’m their hero,” the Lord of the Rings star said, according to The Mirror. Bloom, who is currently busy partying in Ibiza, allegedly claims he has been bombarded by fans who want to congratulate him for taking the singer down a peg or two and even counts Hollywood heavyweight Leonardo DiCaprio as one of his supporters.

The fisticuffs went down earlier this week, as Bieber is coincidentally vacationing in Ibiza now as well. The two happened to be in the same bar, and apparently words were exchanged regarding Kerr before Bloom threw a punch.

The feud supposedly stems from a love square of sorts. Rumors have spread that Bieber actually hooked up with Bloom’s Victoria’s Secret supermodel ex back in 2012, when the couple were very much still married. Bloom has also been seen with Bieber’s on-again/off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, since splitting with Kerr.

Of course there is no hard evidence that Leo, or anyone else for that matter, has really given Bloom a pat on the back for the altercation on Wednesday, but there is video proof that the British thespian is have a darn good time in Ibiza and is surrounded by a gaggle of women and fans. Check out Bloom doing his “Happy” dance below, courtesy of E! News.

Video credit: E! News

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