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BoJack Horseman may be a cartoon, but he’s definitely not for kids

Get ready, Netflix subscribers. BoJack Horseman is coming your way, and we’ve got everything you need to know about him and his new show.

Welcome back to the ’90s… sort of

Netflix will debut the new animated series on Aug. 22. The show stars Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris and Aaron Paul and is about a cartoon horse-headed man who once starred in his own hit ’90s sitcom called Horsin’ Around. In the world of BoJack, humans and animal-headed people live together like it’s no big deal.

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BoJack is not for kids

Just take a look at the show’s trailer and you’ll hear adult language, see adult themes and hear adult humor. A kids’ show, this is not. But if you’re a fan of anything that comes from Seth MacFarlane, then you’re bound to love this one. Let’s put it this way: A horse-man, human woman, human man threesome is not out of the question.

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Netflix has done it again with its on-point ad campaign

The network is really treating BoJack like he’s a real person… um, horse. BoJack already has his own Twitter page, so go check it out if you’d like to see updates on what he’s currently doing with his life. Also be prepared for the occasional horse-themed tweet, such as pictures of smiling horses, not to mention some really awful jokes.

They’ve also put up a so-bad-it’s-amazing website that is designed to look like it was built circa 1995. Jump on the site to hear the Horsin’ Around theme song and see the original opening credits (in video!). There’s even contact info in case you want to, you know, hire BoJack for your latest project.

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Between the ad campaign, the voice talent, the show’s premise and the first trailer, it looks like Netflix could have another hit on its hands. Just a few years ago, no one thought that releasing an entire series at once would work, but Netflix has made hits (Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove) out of doing just that. Since that’s worked with drama series, it’s time for Netflix to give animation a go, and even those of us here at SheKnows who don’t watch animated series are (pardon the pun) chomping at the bit to see this one.

Are you planning to watch BoJack Horseman when it’s released on Netflix?

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