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Drew Barrymore celebrates herself with three new fragrances

Drew Barrymore unveiled three new fragrances from her cosmetic line, Flower Beauty, celebrating her day-to-day differences of being a woman.

The three new scents, called Cherished, Radiant and Sultry, are a long-awaited accomplishment for the actress, as she was approached about making a fragrance for two decades, People reported.

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“I have been asked to do a celebrity fragrance for 20 years,” Barrymore said earlier this year at an event. “And I always said no, because I was completely convinced there would be nothing authentic about me in a, like, sensual setting trying to promote this fabulous fragrance.”

But after learning that she could create a “beauty brand” instead of a “celebrity brand” after working for CoverGirl for several years, Barrymore realized she could make cosmetics for real women, and a fragrance could be an awesome addition to her products.

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“I got excited about doing a fragrance, because it was a natural progression in the Flower Beauty brand,” she added. “The thing that got me the most excited about it was the potential story behind it.”

So, with her three new fragrances, Barrymore hopes to tell the daily story of a woman through the different scents.

“I’m not the same person every day and I don’t wear the same thing every day,” Barrymore explained. “I celebrate that about myself.”

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Barrymore went on to describe the fragrances, saying that the vanilla-like Cherished represents the happiness of being in a messy, but loved home such as hers with her daughters. Radiant is about feeling refreshed and empowered with a scent reminiscent of the woods and “dewy greens.”

Sultry has a plum and jasmine scent and is all about ending the day on a high note, and still feeling sexy with possible room for romance at the end of it.

The Blended star’s new perfumes will hit shelves at Wal-Mart in early October.

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