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VIDEO: Stephen Colbert gives girls the best advice ever

Stephen Colbert left his alter ego behind and actually broke out of his Comedy Central character to answer some serious teenage questions, giving the best advice ever.

While Colbert managed to insert several humorous snippets into his turn at Rookie magazine’s “Ask a Grown Man” series, the comedic star still managed to answer some tough girl questions. Covering subjects like dating, harassment, parent issues and sex, Colbert gave it his all to offer his most sincere fatherly advice.

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Colbert began giving his answers by thanking Rookie for seeing him as an adult. “I am very grateful for Rookie to consider me a grown man, thank you very much.” Then he dove right into churning out his awesome words of wisdom.

The first question dealt with a 14-year-old girl who wanted to know why guys, who she knows aren’t mostly jerks, make catcalls to girls and joke about rape. “Do they know their behavior is harmful?” Colbert wisely answered that they really don’t know it can be hurtful to behave this way, but they are mostly doing it because they want attention. He also added that next time a boy does something insensitive she should face him and tell him to stop doing it.

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Next, Colbert answered a question by a girl who wanted to know why her dad wouldn’t let her sleep over her boyfriend’s house. Granted, the girl is 19 years old, but The Colbert Report star hit it on the spot with his answer, which could have only come from a wise and concerned father. In addition to giving an honest answer as to why her dad won’t let her have a sleepover at her boyfriend’s house, he also addressed a legitimate matter. “Why are you still living at home? You’re 19.” He added that maybe she is not ready to be out in the world by herself just yet.

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Other questions addressed included a girl wanting to know why her boyfriend is mean to her and lies to her, and what she should do about it. He said if the boy can’t stop lying and start treating her nice, she should just “kick him to the curb!” with an added finger snapping. The last question covered the many ways one can tell that someone else likes them.

Watch the entire video and all of Colbert’s answers on the video below — it’s really awesome.

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