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New trailer proves Interstellar is going to be fantastically heart-wrenching

No movie trailer that’s come out so far this year depicts the fragility of human life better than the latest one from the film Interstellar.
We all know Earth has an end date. We don’t know when it is, but we hope it’s not while humans are still on this third rock from the sun. But what if the end of our planet does come in our lifetime? Interstellar explores humanity’s options if a doomsday scenario were to come to pass.

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Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, an astrophysicist willing to make a huge sacrifice to save humankind. The thing he holds closest to his heart is his daughter, Murph (the younger version played by Mackenzie Foy, the older played by Jessica Chastain). While he wants to protect her, he knows he must leave her behind and travel through a newly discovered wormhole to go in search of a new, hospitable planet.

While director and co-writer Christopher Nolan dug deep into our unconscious dreamscape in the 2010 film Inception, Interstellar seems to tug at our heartstrings and imply that our families are the most important thing in the universe.

Fellow space sojourner, Brand (Anne Hathaway), says in the trailer, “Love is the one thing that transcends space and time,” suggesting that as far as science can take humans, we’ll all go nowhere without love.

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The trailer also features a regal Michael Caine, who begs Cooper to “trust him.” That’s a difficult choice when there are so many unknowns when you have to leave your own solar system. Humans make so many mistakes and sometimes only triumph in spite of their bad decisions.

One thing’s clear from this trailer: There are no easy answers, correct choices or even a solid plan for the future. Funny, it sounds a lot like our lives right now, here on Earth, with so many wars, climate change and pollution. Let’s hope Nolan figures it all out for us!

Interstellar opens on Nov. 7.

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