Shocking talk show topics you won't believe are real

Aug 1, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. ET
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Some talk shows have become ridiculous, but these headlines from Jerry Springer, Maury Povich and Jeremy Kyle, courtesy of Two Little Fleas, take the cake when it comes to irregular guests and situations.

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My fear of mustard and pickles is ruining my life

This girl has a major issue — a fear of pickles. Even seeing a photo of the pickled vegetables can send her into a panic.


How could my boyfriend destroy his own face?

While beauty isn't always in the eye of the beholder, a face tattoo sure says something about a person. This woman is being forced to choose between her boyfriend and a man with a normal face.


I'm terrified of chickens!

Maury plays doctor in this episode and he tries to cure a woman's fear of chickens.


Nine shows, 11 men later… will I finally find the father today?

A woman has returned, again and again, to attempt to find the father of her baby. But does she need to reconsider a few things in her life first?


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"Am I pregnant by a gay man?"

It's not this woman's first appearance on the talk show circuit and, this time, she is back with a baby on the way — and a feeling the dad may be gay.


"You slept with 55 girls!"

This woman has a big problem — in the form of her boyfriend, who loves the ladies a little too much.


"I'm psychic, he's cheating"

This woman can see other people's futures, but can she really see that her boyfriend is cheating on her?


You're not my girlfriend, you're my stalker

This man is trying to tell the woman who thinks she is his girlfriend that she is taking it a little too far.


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I escaped from prison to be with you, but am I the father of your baby?

He made a big commitment to her, but did she truly commit to him in return?


Married to your dad, but I want you back

Marriage apparently runs in this family. This woman is hoping to leave her husband for a much younger version.


Tell us — what do you think is the best/worst headline here?

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