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An entire U.S. city is boycotting Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi is making some big enemies in one of America’s formerly largest cities, so much that the city has taken to boycotting the New Jersey singer.

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It all started back in March when Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson died, leaving the future of the team uncertain. Tuesday afternoon was the deadline for prospective Bills buyers, and Bon Jovi is apparently very interested. So much that he reportedly conducted studies, along with some Canadian partners, on how the team would do in nearby Toronto.

Bon Jovi, who has always been a big fan of football, currently owns the Philadelphia Soul, a team in the Arena Football League — but is ready to move on to the big leagues. According to ABC News, he has been interested in owning an NFL team for a while. Back in June, he was also reportedly seen having lunch with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

New York Magazine recently put out a story called “Jon Bon Jovi Is the Most Hated Man in Buffalo,” in which a very famous former Bill had some not-so-nice things to say about the singer. Andre Reed told the magazine, “Man, f*** Bon Jovi. You might as well just take this city, throw it in the river, and let it go down Niagara Falls.”

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Jimmy Kimmel even decided to comment on the controversy.

“If the Bills go to Toronto, we’re going to war with Canada,” he told Daniel Radcliffe.

According to Fox Sports, local radio stations, restaurants and bars have started boycotting Bon Jovi’s music, and a group of locals have also started a group to boycott any upcoming concerts in their city.

Donald Trump has also made a bid for the Buffalo Bills, which are expected to be sold for around $1 billion.

Watch Daniel Radcliffe and Jimmy Kimmel discussing Buffalo’s future here.

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