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Russell Brand’s The Trews: Intimidating, must-watch videos

Russell Brand has started his own YouTube channel that he is calling The Trews and he’s using it as a platform to rant about the current state of our media, government and society. If you can get past his rapid speech and thick British accent, there are very interesting, albeit controversial, points of view presented.

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“This YouTube channel is going to analyze media, it’s going to dismantle media, it’s going to create a new frequency of truth,” the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star says in a video on the channel’s homepage. “That’s why we called it The Trews.” Brand’s videos are quite intimidating, prolific and some are lengthy to wade through, so here are our top must-see Trews episodes.

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1. “Reneé Zellweger’s Face: What Should We Think?”: Brand breaks down the media scrutiny faced by the Academy Award-winning actress over her new look.
2. “Climate Change Debate: Which Is the Hoax?”: The actor tackles the topic of climate change and whether or not it is a hoax, as well as the difference between climate and temperature.
3. “Gay Marriage: What’s Really Wrong With It?”: Brand talks about the fact that certain media outlets are saying the most contentious issues that face our society today are gay marriage and abortion.
4. “Does Fox News Want Us to Be Racist?”: Katy Perry’s ex analyzes Bill O’Reilly’s views about immigration in America and how the Obama administration is handling it.
5. “Middle East Conflict: What Should We Think?”: The oft-controversial comedian talks about Fox News’ coverage of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
6. “Am I a Freemason?”: In this installation, Brand answers fan questions and responds to inevitable negative comments and backlash, as well as one watcher’s accusation that he is a member of the Freemason spiritual group.

What do you think of Brand’s opinions presented in The Trews? Love them or hate them?

All videos credited to Russell Brand

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