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No Cameras Allowed: Watch how one man snuck into many, many music festivals

Meet James Marcus Haney. This clever and crafty music lover couldn’t afford to pay to get into Coachella. Instead of crying in his beer, he decided to hop a fence and sneak in. Turns out, it’s not as hard as you think. Haney managed to smuggle himself and his video camera into numerous music festivals and we’re glad he did.
Concert tickets are pricey these days. Music festivals are even more expensive, but James Marcus Haney didn’t want to miss out just because he was broke. This sly Mumford and Sons fan decided to scheme his way backstage at Coachella to experience the festival like a VIP.

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Typically, we’d scold the young man for his unlawful behavior, but the fact that he videotaped some super-amazing footage makes us think this petty criminal is quite the talented filmmaker.

His modus operandi for getting into festivals without tickets? Copycat wristbands, fake badges, cutting through fences, hopping walls and distracting security guards were all techniques he employed. But we should also mention that the Jay Z fan acted with confidence. Sometimes, simply acting as if you belong somewhere will get you in.

But Haney wasn’t always lucky. In this clip, we see several security guards kicking him out, saying “those wristbands aren’t good for anything.”

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Maybe this documentary will be a wake-up call to the music industry that live concerts can really break the bank. We know the music industry has been struggling to remain profitable since the digital revolution, but a three-day general admission festival pass can run over $600! We love music, but that’s a lot of Benjamins.

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Now that Haney’s set to be exposed as a faker, fraud and counterfeiter on national television, we wonder if he’ll still be able to use his charm and crafty skill to sneak into more festivals. Judging from the fun and intimate footage in this clip, we hope he does.

No Cameras Allowed airs Friday, Aug. 29 on MTV.

Have you ever snuck into a concert or finagled your way backstage without a pass? Have you ever met your musical idol? Were they as awesome as you thought they’d be? Share your story with us in the comments section below.

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