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Comic-Con 2014: Vikings raid Paris in Season 3

Once again, Vikings descended upon San Diego for Comic-Con and SheKnows was there for the raid. We talked with the cast and Vikings‘ fabulous (and well-loved) writer, Michael Hirst, about what’s ahead for the upcoming Season 3, and we’re excited to share the details. Most importantly, our dearly beloved Vikes will be heading to France.

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“I always knew that one of the big features of Season 3 was going to be the attack on Paris,” Michael Hirst shared about the upcoming season. “And the other big feature in Season 3, in terms of where we needed to be geographically, was the settlement that Ragnar had left in Wessex, because we knew from Season 1 that one of his biggest dreams is to settle some Scandinavian farms and territories with good land. There’s not enough land in Scandinavia. Vikings had to colonize other places, work with other people. So, those were two of the geographical things I needed.”

Not only did he feel like he needed to go there, but Hirst is also just genuinely excited to explore this new, French territory.

“The court in Paris will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen and I’m dying even for French people to see this and say, ‘That’s not Paris!’ But, yes, it was at this period in history in the dark ages. It’ll just be a new world for everyone. So to take the Vikings into that will just be awesome.

“People are not going to expect what they find,” expanded Hirst. “[Like] the Franks, who lived in the area at the time and whose language has not been heard for hundreds and hundreds of years. And we’ll have it on-screen. So, all the actors are very excited about this. But they were very Eastern. The Eastern Roman Empire had spread its influence down to France, there’s some African influence [and] Egyptian.”

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Hirst isn’t the only one excited for Paris. He’s stoked for the new world and the history he’ll get to explore, but his two big stars, Clive Standen (Rollo) and Travis Fimmel (Ragnar), are excited to hit Paris for yet another reason.

“It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in France. Paris was a very different place,” Standen said. “So we’re going to tell the story of the first raid on Paris.”

More raiding! We’ll also see a true return of the brotherly bond between Ragnar and Rollo, something Fimmel is particularly happy for.

“We go back to the raiding thing this year instead of all the dramas in Kattegat,” shared Fimmel. “So, we’ll be back together raiding.”

New worlds, more violence and some brotherly moments between two of the hottest men on-screen? You couldn’t come up with a better combination for getting us stoked for Vikings Season 3.

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