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Kris Jenner slams Kim Kardashian for taking 1,200 selfies

Kim Kardashian’s vanity was called into question by her mother Kris Jenner after the reality vixen took as many as 1,200 selfies during their Thailand vacation.

Jenner blasted her own daughter for the socialite and TV personality’s selfie obsession during a deleted scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kardashian walked into a room and commented on her lack of selfies in that part of the luxury resort they were staying in.

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“Oooh, I have not done a selfie in this glam room!” Kardashian said. Her mother jumped in and asked, “How many selfies are you going to do in one day? You’re like obsessed.”

Not caring about sounding the least conceited, Kardashian replied, “I need 1,200,” but did not divulge why she wanted the super-excessive number of self-portraits.

“I feel like I need a different outfit, though, for this one,” Kardashian said, taking off her bikini cover-up.

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“This is remarkable,” Jenner added. “How many times a day are you going to change?”

But Kardashian went on making pouty faces and snapping away at herself as she ignored her mother’s comments.

Apparently, Kanye West’s wife was trying to complete a photo album from the trip, and wanted more photos of herself in it. Earlier in the scene she was shown talking on the phone with West, explaining how they have so many cameras and photos of the family, but none were to her liking.

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“We have like six cameras,” Kardashian complains. “It’s ridiculous. We look like crazy tourists.”

However, Kardashian’s fans got to see many of the notorious camera-addicted beauty’s pictures on Instagram where she did her best not to look like a tourist and more like a pinup girl.

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