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Here’s Rob Lowe’s wet ‘n’ wild Shark Week video to make your day. You’re welcome

Rob Lowe takes to the water, sort of, in Shark Week’s newest promo, as he tosses chum, straddles a couple sharks and takes a mermaid along for the ride.

When you’re a guy like Rob Lowe, sometimes you just have to learn to embrace the insanity that comes with being a celebrity. For instance, when it’s been over 20 years since your own sex tape was leaked, why not go ahead and star in a movie about a sex tape?

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While Lowe may not be known for any sort of scandal involving sharks, it still felt completely appropriate to find out that he was appearing in a promo for Discovery’s upcoming Shark Week.

In the cheeky Shark Week promo from EW, the 50-year-old is looking good in what looks like a lifeguard uniform (red shorts and a white tank top). He’s riding atop two massive great white sharks while tossing chum into the air like he’s tossing beads at Mardi Gras. Around him, more sharks fly into the air after the bait, while seals jump and speed away from their natural enemies. In the background, a windsurfer can be seen being eaten by another huge shark. All the while, a mermaid rides along, holding onto Lowe’s leg.

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The best part of the promo is the fact that Lowe won’t be appearing in any of Discovery’s programming for Shark Week this year. So, why do the promo? Well, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to ride a couple sharks while throwing chum with a mermaid hanging onto your leg?

Lowe not only tweeted out the promo, he also came up with a catchy tagline for it: “So sharky.” Be sure to use it everywhere, because, according to one of his latest tweets, Lowe has threatened not to sleep or eat (except for fruit pies) until the phrase is the new “swaggy.” So, get on it, people!

Shark Week 2014 begins on Sunday, Aug. 10 on Discovery. Check it out for all kinds of sharky goodness.

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