Geraldo Rivera gets in hot water over comments about marriage

Jul 30, 2014 at 2:21 p.m. ET
Image: TNYF/

Geraldo Rivera is at it again — opening his big mouth and causing lots of controversy. The journalist appeared on the Fox News show, Outnumbered, on Monday to speak on the concept of "beta marriages."

The idea is that two partners can participate in a two-year trial period to decide whether a formal union would work for them. There would be no paperwork to deal with, just a commitment to give marriage a try.

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Rivera, who has been divorced four times, is currently 11 years into his fifth marriage. He stated why he was against beta marriages and that's when the trouble began.

He said, "I know this may provoke a Stephen Smith-like reaction, but I think essentially — although there's an increase in two-income marriages — generally speaking, the man is the breadwinner, more often than not, although now increasingly women do work. But what I think a woman brings to a marriage more than anything else, to a relationship, is her youth. Her youth is a fragile and diminishing resource."

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Rivera didn't stop there. He continued, "If a woman were to invest two years in one of these marriages, and then to be rejected by the man, I think that she has given up a valuable asset that is unequal — in other words, the man gets everything and the woman gets nothing from this arrangement."

There were four female hosts on the panel and one responded with, "I'm like, 'Whaaat?'"

While Rivera's reviews were mixed on Twitter, he felt the need to defend his position on his social media page. He feels like he's standing by women, but many viewers were downright insulted by his women and "youth" comments.


Watch Geraldo Rivera comment on beta marriages.