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The Bachelorette: Nick’s mystery letter is out, so now here’s our letter to Andi

The Bachelorette has released Nick Viall’s love letter to Andi Dorfman on the show’s Facebook page.

At just over 700 words, Nick definitely had some things to get off his chest. And we don’t blame him. He clearly thought he was going to marry Andi only to have his heart broken before the final rose when she told him she didn’t see that future.

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“I think about that moment when you ended things and what you said to me,” Nick writes in the letter. “I believe you when you said something didn’t feel right with us when you woke up that morning, but I wonder if what didn’t feel right was really about us and our relationship. I wonder if it would have been different if that night you thought about us with your heart and not with your head.”

During the After the Final Rose special, which aired Monday night, Nick finally had the opportunity to speak to Andi face-to-face. He was clearly shaking and visibly not over the heartbreak yet. During their conversation, he said he didn’t understand how she could make love to him during their fantasy suite night if she wasn’t in love with him. This very much offended Andi as she thought that element of their romance should be kept private.

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Andi and Josh later appeared on HuffPost Live and told host Caitlyn Becker that they found Nick’s actions to be “classless.”

Nick concludes the letter by saying, “I realize I have to move on and I mean it when I say that if you’re truly happy with your decision and I haven’t been a thought on your mind, then I want that happiness to continue for you. If I have to move on, I will look to find amazing with someone else know that some day[sic] I will. I just know I would much rather turn my life upside down and risk it all to have amazing with you.”

Given everything that’s happened between these two, we’d like to take a stand with our own words for Andi. Here’s our letter to the Bachelorette.

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First of all, congrats on the engagement. You weren’t kidding when you said Josh did good! That ring is quite the sparkler as were your smiles during the After the Final Rose special. It’s clear you two are very happy together in pre-marriage bliss.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a strong woman fans can and should look up to. You’re career-oriented and know what you want as a positive example for women everywhere.

That being said, we do think you got one thing wrong. No, not not picking Nick, but in interpreting his actions in heartbreak as somehow a tactic to get back at you for not choosing him.

Though you’ve found your happiness with Josh (we hear you two are moving in together), there has to be a part of you somewhere that recognizes how unique and amazing it is that you have a guy who is truly fighting for your affection. We’re sure you know — and the rest of the ladies can vouch — that the current world we live in is full of flakes and passive daters who, whether out of laziness or lack of affection, don’t put in the effort to really give a relationship a chance. Nick doesn’t just want a chance. He’s fighting for it without any regrets, and that’s something we have to give him props for.

Not to say you should ditch Josh and choose Nick. You’ve made your decision, and you seem more than content in it. But breakups are hard. Don’t make Nick the bad guy to make yourself feel better for the heartache you inflicted. Again, not that you shouldn’t have done it. If the feelings weren’t there, then good for you for being completely honest. It just seems from our perspective that Nick was trying to come to terms with losing you and move on in his life rather than victimize himself.

We wish you lots of happiness in your upcoming life with Josh.

All the best,

P.S. Everyone already knew what happened in that Fantasy Suite. It really wasn’t that shocking.

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