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Ethan Hawke confesses to intense friendship with wife

Ethan Hawke may have unconventional views on monogamy, but he still continues to have a strong and fantastic relationship with his wife of six years, Ryan.

During a recent interview with Beach magazine, the Boyhood actor gushed about his wife and how good she has been for him.

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“My wife [keeps me grounded]. It’s the most intense friendship I’ve ever known, and it’s been fantastic for me. Everything in my life works when that’s working,” he confessed.

However, his comments about marriage have not always been so rosy, and the actor once revealed that the future of his marriage with his wife — with whom he shares two daughters, Clementine, 6, and Indiana, 3 — was perhaps uncertain.

“My relationship with my present wife is thrilling to me and I’m committed to it. But neither she nor I know what shape the future will come in. Sexual fidelity can’t be the whole thing you hang your relationship on,” the actor previously revealed to Mr. Porter.

In addition to the two daughters he shares with his current wife, the actor also has two children from his previous marriage to Uma Thurman, Maya Ray, 16, and Levon Roan, 12. He used his interview as an opportunity to gush about fatherhood.

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“Being a father is one of the most natural things — it’s the rest of life that’s so hard. Co-parenting, finding the right school — all of that c**p is a giant headache. But being a father is incredibly simple. I always wanted to be a father.”

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