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5 Seconds of Summer was scared to tour with One Direction

5 Seconds of Summer seemed to come out of nowhere earlier this year, but now they are making a name for themselves — and may be as big as One Direction one day. The Australian band, who was discovered by Harry, Liam and the rest of the 1D boys, were asked to go on tour due to their cover of Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag.”

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But 5SOS admits they were terrified of joining One Direction out on tour — mostly because of their different musical styles.

“It was all very scary for us because we were a young rock band type of thing,” drummer Ashton Irwin told Radio Disney, according to People. “We were very confused by why we would go on tour with One Direction in the first place because it was so different.”

But the band realized what a great opportunity it would be and eventually said yes. Irwin explained that, “It seemed like a good idea to grow our music and our live performance [skills]. It would make such a dynamic tour and really explain the difference between the two bands.

“It’s cool that young kids get to go home with a bit of education on rock music.”

5 Seconds of Summer’s debut album is now out in the U.S and the band said they have learned a lot about having all kinds of fans. One thing they are tired of being asked, though, is about the origin of their band name.

“People ask, ‘Why is it called 5 Seconds of Summer when there’s four of you?'” Irwin said.

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Guitarist Luke Hemmings added, “I’d change [the name] to ‘4 Seconds of Summer’ just so people stop asking what it means.”

“I’d want a name that is so self-explanatory that no one can ask us any questions about it — ‘Generic Band Number One,'” Irwin joked.

5SOS’s full Radio Disney interview will air on Aug. 4. You can also see them on the cover of Alternative Press, out now.

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