Pretty Little Liars review: The girl who cried drunk

Jul 30, 2014 at 5:00 a.m. ET
Image: ABC Family

Hanna's drinking problems are getting her in more trouble than with A on Pretty Little Liars. In fact, we're not sure which is worse: the sexual predator or the murder?

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Just when it all seems like Zack and Ella are on their way to marital bliss, Zack comes out of nowhere and starts hitting on Hanna (Ashley Benson). We definitely did not — we repeat — did not see this one coming. He gives her some creeper line about how he's always had a thing for bad girls and then strokes her back. Too bad Hanna's drunk. Still, she's sober enough to make one smart decision by reaching out to Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) for help. Both girls want Hanna to confirm the problem before she tells Aria (Lucy Hale). Especially considering she constantly reeks like a liquor cabinet these days.

It doesn't take long to confirm. Zack slips into Hanna's car when he sees her and gives her his number. Let's pause again to repeat how not cool this whole situation is. Sure, we've forgiven the show with these kinds of relationships before, but this is no Ezra and Aria. Zack's intentions are far from honorable. Especially, considering his wedding with Ella is right around the corner.

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Thank goodness Hanna agrees. She's back on the Haleb train anyway. She immediately rips up the number and goes to Aria, who thinks Hanna is a drunk that can't be trusted. Aria's sort of right, except in this one instance, of course.

It looks like Hanna just may have gotten under Aria's skin at least a little. Because at the end of the episode, when she's snuggled between Ella and her soon-to-be stepdad, she's not all comfy-cozy. We really, really did not see this twist coming on the show but if it gets Byron back in some episodes, we'll take it. We'd love to see Byron and Ella rekindle their love. Just hopefully it doesn't come at the price of Zack taking advantage of some poor, innocent girl, specifically Hanna.

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Meanwhile, Ali is still scheming tonight, and Noel Kahn returns to help. Well, sort of. His shadow returns at least. In an attempt to get the police off her back, Ali recruits Ashley to her side by staging a break-in at the Marin household. All it takes is a shadowy figure with a knife (aka a hooded Noel Kahn) and Ashley's momma bear instincts kick right in. Ashley calls the police and defends Ali to Detective Tanner.

This incident kicks up a whole host of questions on the show: Why is Ali so set on everyone believing she was kidnapped? Where has Noel been that he just shows up as the rogue burglar whenever Ali beckons? Why does Noel trust Ali so much? Why does Ali trust Noel? Is the all-knowing A aware of Ali's schemes?

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