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Hilary Duff trades work for the beach in new music video

She’s been away from the public spotlight for years to focus on her life as a new mother, but Hilary Duff is finally back with a new video for her just-released single “Chasing The Sun.” While the former Disney queen is back to singing, the track, which was penned by Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves and Toby Gad, leaves a lot to be desired.

“Chasing The Sun” is a lighthearted summer song where Duff steps back into her Lizzie McGuire shoes and sings about living in the moment without a care in the world. It’s an easygoing and cute affair, but hits more Colbie Caillat and Sara Bareilles territory than we had expected or even wanted. But again, at least Duff is back to her bread and butter.

“Won’t miss out on the fun/ Gotta get it while our hearts are young/ I’m chasing the sun,” she croons atop a melody that sounds like Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up the Sun.”

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In the video for the clip, Duff plays a nerdy office employee stuck in the mundane routine of 9-5 office life. To pass the time away, she finds herself in a series of daydreams on the beach with a piece of eye candy from a magazine. Envisioning herself in a black bikini, Duff sees herself being rubbed down and given a massage by her ripped lover boy. Unfortunately, she soon wakes up from her vision and realizes she’s only being rubbed by her odd office cubemate with mayonnaise. Yuck! After a number of antics, she learns her lesson the hard way and is sent packing home.
Bottom line: Never hire Hilary Duff to do any work in an office because she’s basically going to make a complete embarrassment of herself and daydream her time away.

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