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44 Comic-Con photos that will make you want to cosplay so hard next year

With more comic-based movies hitting the big screen than ever before, it’s no wonder Comic-Con has seen a spike in popularity. This year, fans came out in full force… and by force, we mean decked out in epic comic costume regalia.
Perhaps this impeccably zombified chick is simply getting in some practice for a zombie apocalypse. It certainly looks as though she has picked up some pointers on undead etiquette from The Walking Dead.

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Aww, who doesn’t love Zelda? This pretty lady makes being Link look good.

Where nerdiness exists, confrontation cannot. At Comic-Con, Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Wonder Woman play nice with the likes of both The Joker and The Riddler.

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Shamefully, we weren’t exactly sure who Harley Quinn was. But Comic-Con-goers schooled us by showing up again and again as the bubbly and psychotic supervillain and making fans of us, too.

Holy Middle Earth! These The Hobbit-inspired costumes are amazing, to say the least. Just look at that craftsmanship — it’s enough to bring a tear to Bilbo Baggins’ eye.

First of all, this may be the coolest photo booth pic ever taken. Second of all, that kid is going to give me nightmares. Lastly, these cosplayers #nailedit.

If you’re wondering how she got into that second-skin costume, well, let us solve the mystery. It isn’t second skin — it’s her skin. As in body paint. As in, yep, those are some Batman boobies.
No, you didn’t fall down a rabbit hole. Yes, these Alice in Wonderland costumes are insanely elaborate and lifelike. This had to take some serious dedication.

Comic-Con clearly isn’t only for dudes or for superhero fans. Check out this adorable Little Mermaid family, Ursula and all.

While there’s already been some backlash to Gal Gadot wearing the Golden Girdle, we can’t imagine many guys would object to these beauties as Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

Alice in Wonderland fans don’t joke around, y’all. Like the group pictured earlier, these three are immaculately decked out. We don’t know who they are, but we’re pretty sure someone in Hollywood should give them a call.

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Audrina Patridge as Mystique? Hell, yeah! We have to give the girl major props for really committing to this costume (even if she did miss a wee bit of sideboob).

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From what we understand, League of Legends is a comic-based online game with powerful champions like the inspiration behind this killer costume: Janna, the Storm’s Fury.

These Game of Thrones-inspired ladies look F-I-E-R-C-E. Paging the casting directors — if you need more body doubles, these gorgeous gals (minus the mini T-Rex) sure fit the bill.

Again, just when you thought every comic book movie has been made in the past year or two, you learn about a new character. Why are these bada** comic chicks getting their own blockbusters? This lovely lady proves that her inspiration, Zatanna Zatara, deserves the big screen spotlight.

Disclaimer: We’re not 100 percent sure who this girl is supposed to be, but whoever it is… we’re certain she is doing a damn fine job of impersonating them. Plus, she just looks cool, you know?

If you were on the fence about the news Thor is being reimagined as a female, rest assured it would work. Exhibit A? This Mjolnir-wielding woman.

In our minds, the Scarecrow is one of the scariest supervillains in the DC Comics world. I mean, c’mon… scarecrows are creepy to start with. Make them sociopathic psychologists, and they’re totally terrifying.
They say three’s a crowd, but these cosplayers look pretty cozy. Or perhaps it’s just Darth Vader who’s cozy, thanks to his stylish trench coat.

ABC Family’s Once Upon a Time was a big hit this year at Comic-Con, and we loved the tributes to Tinkerbell. Who knew being a comic book fairy could be so fashionable?

We couldn’t resist throwing another Harley Quinn into the mix, mainly because this chick looks like she’s about two seconds away from going supervillain on someone’s a**.

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All three of these cosplay zombies are impressive. But, man, that dude in the middle is really selling it. Is it just us or is his arm bent in a very unnatural way?

Cowabunga, dudes! We can say with near certainty that anyone’s day would be made by seeing everyone’s favorite pizza-loving terrapin, Michelangelo.
Is that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck? Nah. But this superhero couple is awfully attractive and impressively costumed to boot. Move over, Ben… this caped crusader is serious competition.
Well, now, could these guys be any cuter? We love How to Train Your Dragon, and their costumes creatively capture the essence of main characters Hiccup and Astrid.

Ha-ha, we have to agree with the Instagrammer who captured this shot and captioned it, “If aliens were among us, this might be your best friend’s mom.”

Hello, Pinocchio! We love that when everyone else was going for the dark and unnatural or superheroes, these guys went classic by channeling Pinocchio, a marionette girl and Lampwick.

We’re guessing this gal is posing as Maleficent and — truth be told — she gives Angelina Jolie a run for her money. Not many people can pull off horns, but she does so beautifully.

No ifs, ands or buts about this one — this beauty is without-a-doubt Maleficent. And those horns? They give new meaning to the expression “high and mighty.”
Confession: Wreck-It Ralph is one of our all-time favorite animated movies. So believe us when we say this tough-as-nails blonde does Calhoun major justice (and it looks like Felix agrees).
See above for evidence of our Wreck-It Ralph affection. She gets super brownie points for replicating Vanellope’s sweet derby car.

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When it comes to X-Men, we’re big fans of Beast. Naturally then, we particularly appreciate this guy’s nod to the beloved blue character — especially when we think of how long it is going to take before his skin returns to a normal hue.

No way, no how we could have attended the convention and stood anywhere near this Michael Myers lookalike. No sir.

These two, on the other hand, well, we’d be first to walk on over to Inigo Montoya and the Six-Fingered Man for a solid handshake — extra digit and all.

We may not be experts when it comes to the BioShock world, but we’re smart enough to recognize that this stunner is fully committed to her character. And we dig it.

A third Harley Quinn, you ask? Yeah, yeah. What do you want us to say? This bombshell rocks it, y’all.

Me-ow. Are those abs we can see through that catsuit? Adrianne Curry makes for one super-smokin’ feline superhero.
Whoever is doing their makeup, we need them on our team. How is it possible that this looks so natural?

And as a bonus… Comic-Con kids!
Sorry, Chris Evans… this little guy is even more adorable than you as Captain America.

Hey, mutants have to stick together, right? This roving band of pint-size X-Men couldn’t be any cuter if they tried.
So, yes, little ninja Spidey clearly has some swagger. After all, Rogue isn’t even in the same realm, and she’s totally taken with him. But, um, what’s with the gun, our little web-slinging friend?

Nobody would dare deny the force is strong with this sweet little Jedi.

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Guardians of the Galaxy hasn’t even come out yet, and Chris Pratt already has his first officially impressive little Star-Lord imitator. So does Bradley Cooper, sort of.

And this week, in things so precious you can’t even stand it, we present this little fella. We never thought anything could make a predator look cute, but he has proven us wrong.

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