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Comic-Con 2014: 5 Reasons we’re 100 percent on board for Gotham

Over the Comic-Con weekend, we spent some time with the cast of Fox’s upcoming new series, Gotham. It may just seem like another dark, dreary superhero story and, OK, it is. But it looks like a really awesome version of a dark, dreary superhero story and we have a few reasons why we’re eagerly awaiting the premiere.

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1) Not your everyday origin story

We know how Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed and we know how he became Batman. But there are plenty of stories between the most devastating event in his life and the moment he tried to take control of the situation.

2) Expect some serious (and possibly funny) parenting commentary from Alfred and Detective Gordon

After young Bruce’s parents are brutally murdered, he’s left to live the very lonely life of a kid with no parents and a guardian who pretty much has no idea what to do with a kid. When Gordon, still young and not the commissioner, shows up to investigate Wayne’s parents’ murder, he’ll feel sorry for the boy and want to do the same thing. Alfred and the young Gordon will have very different ideas on how to raise Bruce, though, and it sounds like things could get interesting.

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3) Gordon’s backstory gets complicated

During Comic-Con, Ben McKenzie shared more about his character’s backstory, including that Gordon will be a recently returned vet. Don’t expect the subject to be grazed over, either. McKenzie said it was really important to him for them to properly explore Gordon’s headspace as a recently returned veteran with plenty of issues to work through.

4) A sexy a**ed Penguin

The first, older Penguin was kinda gross, right? Meet Robin Lord Taylor. He’s cute. He’s got a bit of a rocker edge and, you know, sometimes bad boys are hot. (Who are we kidding, they’re always hot.)

5) This isn’t a kids’ show or a superhero show

A young Bruce Wayne and a young Catwoman may be around, but the show isn’t really about them. This is Detective Gordon’s story and it’s got that same dark vibe we’re used to from Batman.

What can we say? Not only is this the superhero origin story we need, but we’re convinced it’s the one we deserve.

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