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Comic-Con 2014: 8 Awesome moments from the Nerdist panel

Chris Hardwick and the Nerdist team hit the Indigo Ballroom at Comic-Con on Saturday and, of course, we were there (the restraining order finally expired). From stories of Harrison Ford to fan reaction to Hardwick’s hashtag pushing, it was 58 minutes of hilarity. Yes, they filled the room. But there were plenty of people who didn’t make it in, or even to San Diego. If you missed the awesome, don’t worry. We made a roundup of our favorite moments.

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1. That outfit, though!

Proving his full nerdiness, Hardwick showed up dressed as Marty McFly from Back to the Future. From ’80s jeans to a red puffer vest, he kind of nailed the look. He even managed to nab a shot with Henry Cavill while wearing the getup. Oh, Geek Lord, you rule again.

2. The Walking Dead virus theory explained

Nerdist’s lead science nerd mentioned a theory for the walker virus and before we knew it, the theory was explained. We’re terrified we’ll get this wrong, but the basic gist is that the finale appearance and actions of zombies are actually a reaction to the germs in their bite, not a zombie virus-thing. Hardwick, by the way, suggested that being a walker might actually be a state of super-happiness. As in, all that groaning is from la petite mort, not from being undead.

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3) All-Star Bowling is coming to AMC

Let us explain:

4) #HershelsBloodyStump

Hardwick’s hashtags are too much. They’re an art.

5) No more insanely hyper hashtag pushes during Walking Dead commercial breaks

We always enjoy seeing Hardwick’s mug on our screen, but sometimes he’s a little too perky after terribad things happen on our favorite show. Not cool. Turns out, he didn’t like it, either, and finally refused.

6) Chris Hardwick’s Harrison Ford moment

We’ve done a lot of interviews and we knew exactly what Hardwick was talking about when he mentioned stars who will work with a journalist and help them out and those who will let you squirm. It turns out Harrison Ford likes to torture people interviewing him and gave Hardwick a pretty rough interview. It’s Nerdist Episode 430 if you want to check it out.

7) A Nerdist store is coming

Things we want from the Nerdist store:

  • T-shirt
  • Stickers for our computers
  • Life-sized cardboard cutouts of Chris Hardwick

8) “Turn Down For What” button

Look it up. You’re going to need it. (Thanks, guys!)

This, of course, was not Nerdist or Hardwick’s only event. They recorded podcasts in town and did some moderating as well. If Comic-Con named a homecoming king, this year’s crown would go to Hardwick. The Nerdist panel was still our favorite part, though.

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