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Comic-Con 2014: 8 Best trailers and sneak peeks

This year’s Comic-Con has come to a close, but we’re rounding up the best trailers and sneak peeks from the weekend for your viewing pleasure.

From television to movies, Comic-Con had a lot to offer in the way of teasers for the upcoming year. Here’s a look at the most-anticipated footage from the panels.

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1. Mad Max trailer

This movie has the explosions of a Michael Bay film with the action of Marvel. Yup, OK, we’re in! If this doesn’t sell you as a promising blockbuster, watch it again because you missed something.

2. Running Wild with Bear Grylls sneak peek

In this new look at the show, Zac Efron joins Grylls on an adventure that may teach the actor much more than survival tactics. This charming first look can’t help but catch your interest.

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3. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 trailer

Finally, The Hunger Games series is opting out of the games and fighting the real battle in Panem. Catch a look at all your favorite characters, including newcomers Natalie Dormer as Cressida and Julianne Moore as President Alma Coin.

4. Outlander trailer

Sci-fi meets Scotland meets love triangle? And we’re sold. OK, so the fact that this series is a best-selling book turned television show doesn’t hurt either. What we’re trying to say is we’ll be watching. This trailer only reinforces our nerdy excitement.

5. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer

This movie has been a long time coming and the trailer definitely doesn’t skimp on the visually-stunning introduction into the next chapter of this world. They’re definitely playing on the girl power mantra and we dig it.

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6. Warcraft motion logo

Who knew a logo alone could cause so much excitement? The promising epic fantasy movie is based on the wildly-popular video game. While Legendary Pictures did give Comic-Con fans a more extensive look at the film, as of now, that footage is not being made public.

7. The Blacklist sneak peek

We agree with this sneak peek: The suspense is killing us, too. The promo barely gives anything away, but it’s enough to whet our appetites for Season 2. Good thing September isn’t that far away, which means neither is the return of The Blacklist.

8. Constantine sneak peek

Based on the sneak peek trailer, we’re going to call this show this year’s Sleepy Hollow meets comic book awesomeness. I am especially excited to see Harold Perrineau (Lost, Zero Dark Thirty) back in action.

Which video from Comic-Con tops your list? Tell us below.

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