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No animosity here: Ryan Cabrera wishes Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross all the best

It’s been a decade since Ryan Cabrera was introduced to viewers across America as the man swooning for Ashlee Simpson. They were a couple made in angsty teen pop paradise until it ended shortly afterward. SheKnows spoke to the pop singer-songwriter at the 16th Annual Young Hollywood Awards and learned that her engagement to his friend Evan Ross is far from the awkward situation one might expect.

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“Evan is one of my longest friends in LA. He used to sleep on my couch in LA,” Cabrera said of Ross, insisting that he has nothing but love for the actor. “I want them to do well and what’s better than having your ex with one of your best friends that you love?”

Simpson isn’t the only ex-girlfriend that Cabrera still keeps in contact with. He tells SheKnows that he’s friends with all of his former flames, including Audrina Patridge. “I’m not weird like that,” he added.

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Even though Cabrera said that there’s no one on the dating radar he can talk about, fans might be able to get a glimpse into his romantic affairs in his new music. He told us that he’s almost done with his new project, which he described as “very fun and energetic” but admitted that it also shows a lot of growth in comparison to his past work. “It’s just a lot more mature,” he gushed. “At the very beginning [of my career], I was kind of writing about things that I hadn’t really experienced yet and knew that I probably would and now I’m actually experiencing them, so now I can talk about things that actually happened.”

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