Paris Hilton and Hannah Ferguson team up for Carl's Jr. ad

Jul 26, 2014 at 5:56 p.m. ET

You're about to get really, really hungry for a hamburger after watching Paris Hilton and Hannah Ferguson's new TV ad for Carl's Jr.

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Nine years after Hilton turned heads for her solo commercial for the fast food giant, she has returned to help out another blonde bombshell. In the 30-second ad, Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson dons a barely-there black bikini and begins to wash one filthy truck. After cleaning up the ride, Ferguson decides that she deserves a nice meal for her hard work, and what better meal than the latest addition to the Carl's Jr. menu: the Texas BBQ thickburger. After one of the sandwich's jalapeno straws drops on the truck, Ms. Hilton arrives at the barn in an equally sizzling bikini number and gives the model a piece of criticism. "You missed a spot," she says.

Much like Hilton's ad, entitled "I Love Paris," this commercial also has a theme — it's called "I Love Texas." An unsurprising but fitting choice.

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Hilton's reunion with the burger chain isn't too surprising if you follow her on Instagram. Just two days ago, the socialite posted some behind-the-scenes shots of her and Ferguson doing what they do best. In the photo, Hilton is posing next to the cleaned-up truck as her co-star holds one last bite of her snack.

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