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Tila Tequila fears pregnancy complications because she’s so petite

Tila Tequila is sporting quite the baby bump for someone who is just 24 weeks along. In a new Facebook post, the mom-to-be shared some of her fears about pregnancy as well as her hopes for the child she’s carrying.

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It seems the woman who was born with the name Tila Nguyen has some concerns about how fast her child is growing inside her pint-sized body.

In a post to her official Facebook page shared on Thursday, the former A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila star showed off her blossoming baby bump with his photo:

Along with the pic, she gave fans a weight-gain update by writing, “24 weeks pregnant here and growing! I’m up to 132 pounds now! Oh my God!! Boobs are starting to get into that DD size too!”

In a separate comment, the 4-foot-11-inch star went on to ask, “How come everyone is posting pics of themselves but they’re basically about to be due but I’m barely 24 weeks and my belly is just as big as theirs??? Daaaang I’ve got myself a big girl in there! Or I’m just really tiny! Either way why do I feel so much bigger than everyone else????”

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After linking to a post titled, “Why Do People Always Get Back With Their Toxic Exes?” the pregnant star went on to counsel a follower who explained she, too, is pregnant, and the father of her child wants nothing to do with them.

“Not worth your tears over some loser. You’re not alone either so don’t feel like life is too much to handle without some loser around,” Tequila wrote. “Enjoy your pregnancy and your baby. That’s all that matters. Be a good mom and make up for the lack of father in your baby’s life. Focus on the positive. Quit wasting tears on someone who doesn’t deserve them. Think about your baby and the joy that brings instead.”

Radar Online reports the father of Tila Tequila’s baby is Thomas Paxton Whitaker and that the two are no longer in a relationship.

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