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Comic-Con 2014: 24 movie still has “potential

You don’t have to be in San Diego to know the scene at the 24: Live Another Day panel was just a little emotionally intense. Fans are dying to know if the show will return for yet another season. Especially after the way this newest season ended, with Jack surviving. No one can ever get enough of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). But will it return? No one has ruled it out yet. There’s even still talk of a feature-length film.

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The show’s executive producer, Jon Cassar, said a movie is always still a possibility.

“We’re still talking about the movie; it’s still potentially out there,” he told fans.

Both Sutherland and Cassar also noted that the show’s newest “ending” was purposely left open for interpretation or additional story. Sutherland, especially, talked of his emotional attachment to the character and the show, even going so far as to say the ending was a “cop out” because it was just too hard to let go.

“It’s hard to end it,” expounded Cassar. “We came – ourselves, as people who are making the show – came full-face with that. Trying to create the end of the show this season, because we had said this was the last season, was really difficult for us. All of us individually didn’t want to let it go; we fought against it, we fought for it.”

Cassar went on to thank the fans.

“Your response to the end of this season was really gracious and kind,” he said. “So thank you very much.”

Notice anything about that statement? If you’re like the rabid fans who were at the panel, you no doubt noticed Cassar saying the end of the season, not the end of the show. So, will 24 live to see yet another day? No official announcement has been made at this time, but earlier this month NBC did mention they were open to the possibility. Keep your fingers crossed, Bauer fans.

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