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6 Memes of sad Jack White and sad Kanye West hanging out

Poor, sad Jack White. All he was trying to do was watch his favorite team play a game of baseball, but he was sitting in the stands looking sadder than Edward Scissorhands.

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White was enjoying America’s favorite pastime when a couple of photos of him sitting in the stands looking less than thrilled were snapped, and the rest is meme history.

It brings a tear to our eye to see someone so despondent and misery loves company, so it makes us feel a little better to see sad Jack White hanging out with his bud sad Kanye West. Sad Kanye first made us weep in May, when photos surfaced of the rapper looking like he’s pondering the meaning of life before embarking on a zip-lining adventure in Mexico, which led to sad Kanye hanging out with Forrest Gump and the man who started it all: sad Keanu Reeves.

We know White has mad love for Kanye, and the Cubs beat the Padres 6-0 on Tuesday night, so things should be looking up for him. And honestly, when does Jack White ever look not sad?

And now: sad Jack White hanging out with sad Kanye!

Being depressed at work

Kanye and Jack White

Not enjoying a delightful brunch

Jack White and Kanye West

At a very unhappy birthday party

Jack White and Kanye West

Looking miserable at the Oscars

Kanye West and Jack White

Not having any fun feeding some pigeons

Jack White Kanye West

And taking in yet another ghastly sporting event

Jack White and Kanye West

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