Mark Ruffalo gets his wallet returned by a good Samaritan

Jul 23, 2014 at 4:14 p.m. ET

It's nice to read a story that shows that there is still good left in this sometimes crazy world.

Mark Ruffalo was the recipient of a stranger's goodwill on Sunday, July 20, after he lost his wallet in Chicago, Illinois. He had been in the city to serve as a grand marshal at an auto race at Chicagoland Speedway, Us Weekly reports.

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Instead of keeping the Hulk actor's wallet, a man decided to use the power of social media to do a good deed and inform the star that he had found his missing possession.

"I have your wallet. Found it in a cab in chicago on Friday," handle @Trezeduet tweeted to the actor. "Let me know the best way to get it back to you. Thanks."


Ruffalo was so surprised by the good Samaritan that he responded to his tweet with, "Thank you! Wow! Another point for the decency in people…you are a hero!"

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The two apparently then exchanged details of how the actor could get back his wallet via a DM message.

So who was the do-gooder? According to TMZ, the man has been identified as Ross McHale, who apparently had no clue who the actor was when he found his ID, and had to Google him to find out.

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Guess McHale is not a fan of the Hulk, Avengers or The Kids Are All Right and HBO's The Normal Heart, then?

"If [Mark] ever finds my wallet I expect him to return the favor," McHale confessed to the gossip site.