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Rhea Perlman brings her trademark sass to The Mindy Project

Mindy’s met the little brother and the estranged dad, but now her new romance with Danny faces the mother of all challenges.

That’s right. We’re finally going to get to meet Danny Castellano’s mom in Season 3! Rhea Perlman, best known for her role as the sassy barmaid Carla on Cheers, has signed on for a recurring role as Annette Castellano.

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When we left off in the season finale, Danny (Chris Messina) and Mindy (Mindy Kaling) had finally confessed their love for each other atop the Empire State Building, with Danny finally caving and indulging in the romantic location as a nod to Mindy’s near-obsessive love of all things romantic comedy. But now that the happy couple is, well, a happy couple, what comes next?

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The problem with romantic comedies is that the credits always roll as soon as the big kiss happens, but for Danny and Mindy, the fun part is going to be watching two very different people trying to form one compatible life. Meeting Danny’s mom could definitely lead to all sorts of complications. We’ve seen how contentious Danny’s relationship has been with his father, who abandoned the family when Danny was still a child. It led to Danny spending most of his life as a surrogate dad to his little brother Richie, played by Max Minghella, who will also return for Season 3.

Family drama has always loomed large in Danny’s background, one of the most heartfelt parts of the show that’s gone a long way toward explaining Danny’s own lackluster love life. The addition of his mom adds another fun layer.

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And could the casting get more perfect than Rhea Perlman? We’re totally on board for this development. Sassy, acerbic Carla was always one of our favorite parts of Cheers, and we’re hopeful Mama Castellano has some of that same quick wit, not to mention the colorful insults. Kaling teased that the third episode of Season 3 is titled “Annette Castellano Is My Nemesis,” so it’s looking hopeful!

Are you excited about meeting Danny’s mom? The Mindy Project returns on Sept. 16.

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