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Pretty Little Liars review: Haleb is back on, rebel style

Pretty Little Liars fans rejoice! Hanna and Caleb are back together. Well, sort of, at least. They’re pulling an Aria and Ezra and sneaking in some good make out sessions.

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While we’re really happy Pretty Little Liars didn’t waste a lot of time toying with the “Will they or won’t they?” question for an entire season, these two are really, really going off the deep end. Aside from wearing black all the time and pouting in corner coffee shops, Hanna (Ashley Benson) is taking to alcohol and Caleb seems more than happy to opt out of high school. They’re maybe a match made in messed up heaven, but we’re really hoping they’ll see each other through on the road to recovery.

Hanna has taken Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) place this season as the addict and she’s topped it off with a healthy dose of resentment. We think she should just take Caleb’s advice and ditch Ali. It doesn’t make sense that one minute she’s on board with the Ali train and the next she’s rolling her eyes and drinking vodka like it’s water. She needs to pick a side and stick with it.

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She just may have on accident tonight though, after mumbling drunk to Sydney, who seems to be on Team Mona. Hanna mistakenly says Shana’s name instead of Jenna’s and A picks up on the slip. Oops! Hanna’s just digging herself deeper and deeper into that grave… Too soon?

Otherwise, this episode is pretty tame.

Spencer plans a stakeout after she borrows one of Ezra’s cameras. We don’t understand why she doesn’t just look out the window? She places the camera at the front door of the barn where Melissa is staying. Can’t Spencer see that without setting up the high tech?

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Either way, the camera comes through in the end and catches video of Ali sneaking around late at night to visit Spencer’s sister. So what’s she doing visiting Melissa? We’ve known Melissa has some dirty secrets for a while now. The girls need to finally just confront Ali, who seems to have all the answers. The girls shouldn’t be so OK with her not sharing the truth. We’re definitely not.

The end of the episode definitely gets interesting. First of all, Emily (Shay Mitchell) calls Paige, which makes us think romance may be rekindled for round three in the near future. Ella and Zack are engaged, and we would love to see Ella return to Rosewood. Is there a Pretty Little Liars wedding in our future? Don’t get our hopes up. Finally, Ezra is supposed to meet with Eddie from Radley, but Eddie never shows. Ezra is so worried he goes to Aria. Is Eddie the latest A victim?

This week’s episode wasn’t so chock-full of action, but next week definitely looks promising.

What do you think happened to Eddie? Should the girls finally ditch Ali?

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