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Panic! at the Disco turns the WBC’s protest against them

The Westboro Baptist Church decided their latest target was Panic! at the Disco, but the band decided to turn the protest around.

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The church, called a “homophobic and anti-Semitic hate group” by the Anti-Defamation League, is known for staging protests against musicians, as well as picketing funerals of soldiers, celebrities and all types of victims. WBC’s latest target was Panic! at the Disco, and last week they rewrote the lyrics to the band’s song, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” to “You Love Sin What a Tragedy.”

Lead singer Brendon Urie, although married to a woman, spoke last year about experimenting with his sexuality, which supposedly led to the WBC’s decision to picket the PATD concert in Kansas City, Missouri, over the weekend.

But the band decided to do something about it and told their Twitter followers that they would donate to the Human Rights Campaign in the name of the Westboro Baptist Church. The Human Rights Campaign is an LGBT advocacy group.

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To Panic! at the Disco’s dismay, only 13 church members showed up to protest. So the band said instead they would donate even more to the organization.

PATD’s response to the protest is far from the first time a celebrity has turned the WBC’s cause against them.

According to Time, the church responded to the band, saying they would be protesting 20 times for each dollar raised, which means they now have to protest 20,000 times in PATD’s honor.

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