Zoe Saldana's husband proves everlasting love with arm tattoo

Jul 22, 2014 at 5:21 p.m. ET
Image: WENN.com

It's no secret that Zoe Saldana has found the perfect man in her husband, Marco Perego, whom she married last summer.

The actress has used interviews on more than one occasion to gush about her man and it's evident that her Italian artist husband feels the same way, because he's inked her face onto his arm. And although Saldana was initially reluctant for him to get it done, she's very pleased with how it turned out.

"It was the most romantic thing! I didn't stop him, but I did sort of try to talk him out of it. I've done crazier things than that, and I'm pretty sure he has, too,'' she confessed to People magazine.

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The beauty definitely believes that this relationship is going to last forever and she gushed to the mag about her love, saying, "We found each other, and it was that desire and not that necessity that put us together."

We're glad that they found each other, too, given that the Avatar actress recently revealed that she was disrespected by some of her ex-boyfriends. However, she has moved on with her life and has learned to love the woman she has now become.

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"I'm where I wanted to be when I would look at myself and say, 'I just have a feeling that it's going to get better, that I'm going to find who I truly am more and more, and I'm going to stick to that road," Saldana confessed.

"I'm very happy that it happened before I met him, because I didn't want somebody to give me the answers that I should find for myself."