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Lourdes Leon is a regular teen, blogs about prom

Madonna’s little girl is officially all grown up. Lourdes Leon blogged on her site, Material World, about the typical teen’s rites of passage: prom and graduation.

The 17-year-old fashionista shared some of her experiences about the last few months with every bit of sass you would expect from the “Like A Virgin” singer’s daughter.

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She wrote, “HEY to all the readers. I don’t know if u heard (sarcasm) but I GRADUATED. GRAAAAAD. UATED. From High School. It’s very difficult to wrap my head around because I feel like it’s something I’ve been talking about FOR EVER and it finally happened. There also isn’t the ominous presence of another year of high school and test taking up ahead like there usually is when you’re about midway into the beautiful summer.”

The recent high school graduate also let us in on the fact that she might have had drink or two sometime during prom night.

“A week before graduation I attended the classic party every American teenager goes to despite the really bad music — this is known as prom. What can I say? Those of you who have been probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Of course I had a beautiful time but I’ll attribute that to the fact that I partied with my awesome friends all night. Not to mention awkwardly avoiding teachers because you may or may not have had some champagne and it would be weird to talk to them,” said Leon.

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The best part is that the DJ at her prom annoyed her by playing Rihanna’s song “Don’t Stop the Music” about “5 times in 3 hours.” Despite the song overload, Leon shared, “…despite all of these weird prom factors, I got to spend an entire weekend kicking it with my high school homies. It was a great way to end the year.”

She goes on to document her summer vacation attending a music festival in upstate New York.

“Your phone is dead like three hours in and obviously you can’t plug it anywhere. There’s nothing to do but sleep, eat, dance around like crazy and listen to bomb a** music. You get so dirty but you don’t even think about that,” said Leon.

The teen is set to enroll at the University of Michigan in the fall, just like her mom years ago.

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