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Prince George turns one: 5 Things he has in common with Princess Diana

Though many still mourn the tragic and sudden loss of Princess Diana, it is heartening to see that she lives on in her grandson, Prince George — who turns 1 today. Here, we point out the similarities between Princess Diana and her grandson.


While Queen Elizabeth II’s father is credited for the primary reason behind Prince William and Kate Middleton selecting “George” for their royal baby’s name, Princess Diana had three nephews named George Alexander. Prince George’s full name is George Alexander Louis.

Close friend

Darling 1-year-old Prince George has seven godparents, one of whom was a dear and personal friend of Princess Diana’s. Julia Samuel was a good friend of Diana’s from 1987 to 1997 and has said she and the famed princess did ordinary friend things together — lunch dates, playdates, chats and family activities. With Samuel as one of Prince George’s godparents, he’ll get a more intimate and accurate account of who his grandmother was.

Wombat love

The royal couple took Prince George to Australia in April 2014, where he was given a huge stuffed wombat, which he reportedly fell in love with. Princess Diana must also have loved wombats because that was the nickname she gave George’s father when Prince William was a tot.


Prince George’s parents broke tradition for his christening. Instead of having the important ceremony carried out at Buckingham Palace — where Prince Harry and Prince William were christened — Prince George’s christening took place in the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace. This was Princess Diana’s final resting place before she was buried.

Same astrological sign

Both Princess Diana and her grandson were born under the same astrological sign of cancer. Cancers tend to be kind, gentle, nurturing people who prefer the comfort of home. They can also be sensitive, moody and get their feelings hurt easily. Cancers are extremely protective of loved ones. Because of this commonality, as he gets older Prince George may exhibit emotions and attitudes reminiscent of his grandmother.

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