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Oh, poor Paris Hilton: Her sex tape left her unable to trust

It’s not often that poor and Paris Hilton are found in the same sentence, but the heiress has revealed she is unable to trust people since her sex tape scandal happened, which is quite a shame.

The star stole all the headlines back in 2004 when her sex tape 1 Night in Paris, with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, was leaked, but Hilton has moved on, and she’s likened herself to Albert Einstein in the process.

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During an interview with the Telegraph, Hilton produced some very memorable quotes, but perhaps the most amusing of them is the fact that she has grouped herself in the same category as the German physicist.

Hilton, who is a massive astrology fan, cited her zodiac sign of Aquarius as a link to Einstein (although he was actually a Pisces).

“We are social butterflies, humanitarians, geniuses,” she said. “Einstein was one.”

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Right. But if you think that quote is completely absurd, then Hilton has some words for all her haters: She doesn’t care what you think!

“If people want to be mean, that’s their problem,” she said. “It used to be really hurtful. I would call and cry to my mom all the time but now I just laugh.”

However, the “Stars Are Blind” singer has not always been so indifferent to the comments of others, and it has taken her years to overcome the media’s scrutiny and critics’ nasty comments. In fact, one of the most painful times in Hilton’s life was when her sex tape scandal went viral.

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“It was devastating because that was someone I was with for a few years,” she revealed to the paper about the scandal. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully trust any man again after that. It was just the most hurtful and awful thing that anyone could do to a little girl. I was very young, it wasn’t my fault.”

Although the sex tape damaged Hilton’s trust, as well as her reputation, she’s still got the support of her family, which she’s extremely grateful for.

“I had the most amazing childhood,” she said. “My parents have been together since my mom was 15. In Hollywood almost everyone’s divorced. My friends would come to my house and see this perfect family and I realized how lucky I was. Now, when I’m looking for a guy, I’m always thinking of someone who is like my dad: a loyal person with a good heart, because that’s all that matters in life.”

And perhaps Hilton has found that loyal person with a good heart in her current beau River Viiperi?

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